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Clean Water Community Initiative – Project Update Sep 2015

Clean Water Community Initiative – Project Update Sep 2015

In August we hosted a team of volunteers from Surf For Life and began digging trenches alongside our team of community volunteers from El Manzano #1.

A very generous new neighbor from Spain donated a back hoe as well to help speed along the trench work. Trenches were dug from the site of the well to the water tank and pressure tubes were laid. This covered a distance of about 700 meters.

We have also installed the community water tank of a concrete platform on a hill at the highest point of the property. Water will be pumped up to this tank and will run by gravity to each community home.


We recently also completed trenching and piping along the main community roads covering over 2000 meters of distance. There has been a tremendous amount of work completed over the past few weeks and we are extremely proud of the hard work and commitment to this project shown by the members of El Manzano #1.

Later this month we will be purchasing the electrical wire for the pump and the 3HP Franklin Electric pump should be installed in early October.

Our next steps are to source water meters which shall be installed at individual homes and we are also reviewing the different options for a water filter system which should be installed in early November. Over the next couple of months we will also be installing connections from the main pipes to each home in the community.

Our goal is to have the clean filtered water running by December 31st, 2015.


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