Waves of Hope

A non profit community development program in Nicaragua

Race Against Hunger 2023

Join our virtual global challenge in the fight against poverty in Nicaragua

This challenge is now complete. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!

Join our virtual global challenge to raise $20,000 in the fight against poverty by supporting 100 women and children through wellness and learning. #RAH2023

Join our virtual global challenge to raise $20,000 in the fight against poverty by supporting 100 women and children through wellness and learning.

For the month of January 2023 a community of people from across Canada and beyond, who love to get fit and do good at the same time, will come together to provide support for families in need in Nicaragua.

Join us as we collectively walk, run, bike, hike, swim, ski & yoga 40,000 kilometers.  We're excited to come together as a global community to get fit, do good & have fun.


Your Donation Impact!

$25 provides a child with a better learning environment in their local school

$50 provides funding for equipment and a uniform for a participant in a local sports league

$100 provides a mom with 6 month support for the Mujeres Que Mueven initiative

$500 is an incredible donation and supports all Waves of Hope community initiatives

Empowering Communities to Inspire Change

Waves of Hope, Rise Up Kids and Surf with Amigas all believe in the power of community. The past few years we have been heavily focused on supporting families through the COVID 19 crisis, specifically with a focus on helping those in need of basic food support due to job losses caused by the collapse of tourism. As we move forward as a community, we are refocusing on our initial roots of supporting our community through education, health, wellness and infrastructure initiatives.

We believe that a strong community starts in the home and a healthy community requires empowered women. For that reason this year we are partnering with Mujeres Que Mueven (MQM - Women That Move). MQM is a locally founded initiative that inspires and empowers women to better self manage their health through movement, group support and dietary awareness. Donations will be used to further expand programming and workshops, provide new and improved fitness equipment and more.

Our secondary focus this year will be on circling back to our education roots. Over the past 13 years Waves of Hope has renovated six local elementary schools to bring them from very poor conditions to thriving learning centers. In addition, Waves of Hope built the first local high school in 2014, which has over 200 students attending classes daily. Each of these schools requires annual maintenance and upkeep. This is work that we could not complete during the pandemic as we had to re-direct our funding to emergency food provisions. As such, each of these schools is in need of maintenance and repairs.

When you donate to Waves of Hope you are donating to a long term objective. We ensure that the school and infrastructure projects we build are well looked after and maintained, and that our scholarship programs, environmental initiatives and health care programs are properly carried out and managed. We ensure that every penny goes towards the greater goal of building well educated, healthy and prosperous communities. Thanks for supporting our the long term growth and well-being of our community!

Coco Loco Eco-Resort is more than just a resort – it is a place to call home. A place to form friendships and memories. A place to deepen your practice and recharge your soul. A place to surf until you are too tired to keep paddling. A place to find inspiration in the simplest forms. In 2009, the owners of Coco Loco founded the non-profit organization Waves of Hope with the vision of helping to develop well educated, healthy and prosperous communities. Over the past 13 years, Waves of Hope has invested over $750,000 into projects and initiatives focused on education, infrastructure, health care and the environment.

We are committed to bringing a brighter future to younger generations. As a branch of Rise Up Surf, our NGO, Rise Up Kids works to improve education and support the needs of the children living in our local Northern Nicaragua Community. We believe that a better world starts with children. Our projects, largely focused on education,  aim to aid in the development and well-being of the youth in our community.

Surf With Amigas is an all-inclusive surf and yoga retreat for adventurous women to support and inspire each other in surfing and in life. We are currently operating in seven countries and aim to always make a positive impact in the communities that give us so much. We believe that travel is more meaningful when you have a chance to integrate with the local community. In the last decade of operation, we have seen tourism become a driving force for local economies and a way to elevate the standard of living in rural areas of developing countries around the world. Our focus is hiring as many local employees and contractors as possible and paying fair wages. In addition, we partner with and donate to various causes and organizations in each of our retreat locations.