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Sustainably Ours

Sustainably Ours

We had the pleasure of hosting Melaina Gasbarrino, founder of Sustainably Ours, and her sister Elise a few weeks back at Coco Loco.  Sustainably Ours is a Canadian based company that educates elementary schools and community centres about our earth using a creative approach to learning through our Clean Earth Workshops, Community Shop and Local Earthly Events.

Here are some words Melaina shared with us about their experience.

‘Our time at El Coco Loco was most humbling. In between practicing yoga, beach walks, an attempt at surfing and eating the most delicious meals, I had the opportunity to bring my environmental education programs to Waves of Hope’s Kids Program. We made naturally dyed t-shirts using turmeric and beets, rustic, recycled paper friendship bracelets, salt pictures and watched volcanoes explode on the beach. I loved how the kids were overjoyed to get their hands dirty in the name of our environment and appreciated how much their eyes lit up as they got to create some pretty awesome things. Sustainably Ours was founded by myself to inspire kids to love our earth and I truly believe these kids have an appreciation for our earth like no other. Thank you to the staff of El Coco Loco, The Kids Club interns, volunteers and most importantly to the kids – I hope you had as much fun as I did!’

Thanks Melaina! We hope you come back again soon!